For brevity, you may wish to check here first if you have a question:

Why don’t You show Your face? Will You send me a photo of Your face?
Discretion is very important to Me, as I’m sure it is to you, and this is why I do not show My face. Female domination is central to My life, but I wish to maintain a private life, as We/we all do. The descriptions I have provided are accurate.

Why aren’t you on AdultWork?
I know that AdultWork is a secure system by which to contact Mistresses, however it is not My preferred way of engaging with clients. I tend to find that I receive a high number of time wasters on AdultWork, much more than contact via a website or directory, so I choose not to advertise there. I use protonmail in all contact, which is an encrypted email service. If you too use protonmail, then this is an extremely secure way to contact one another.

Do you know any other Dommes/Doms that could session with us?
Sure, just send Me a short paragraph of what your interests and desires are and I can recommend someone to join Us/us.

Do you have any vanilla friends who could watch us session?
I absolutely do. Many of My vanilla friends regularly ask Me if they can watch Me at work, so they’d be delighted to join us. They charge £50/hour. Just let Me know how many voyeurs you would like!

Do You offer forced-bi sessions?
I absolutely adore forced-bi sessions. My man is £150/hour – you won’t be disappointed!

Do you have shower facilities?
Yes, you’re welcome to shower before and/or after Our/our session together. I use play spaces that provide shower gel and clean towels for you.

Can we discuss a possible session over the phone?
I’m afraid I do not talk over the phone. I communicate via email (preferred) or text message. This is again because I want to keep My kinks private and talking about BDSM on the phone whilst in Waitrose is not particularly discrete.

Do you tour?
Currently, I don’t, but if that changes, then I will write about it on this website.

Do you provide email or Skype domination? Do you make custom clips?
I revel in one-to-one sessions and, for this reason, this is what I provide. I don’t enjoy online sessions nor custom clips because I feel I cannot get swept away in the glory of what’s unfurling, as I can with face-to-face interactions.

When are you available?
My availability is quite variable, but I am generally available 10am-9pm. Please contact Me and We/we can arrange a date and time to suit.

Do you do same-day appointments?
I require advanced notice for bookings, purely because I have other commitments. You are welcome to contact Me to check though, but please do remember that a deposit will still be required.

Can I pay for My session with [shoes, handbags, cleaning, work etc]?
No. I can’t pay My rent with handbags, so you can’t pay for My time with them.

Do you offer discounts?
Under no circumstances do I offer discounts. I charge the average rate in London. If that is unfortunately out of your budget, you could save or find another Dominatrix whose prices match what you are looking for.

Do You accept PayPal?
I’m afraid not. If you do not want to pay by bank transfer nor send a gift card via email, you can put cash into My bank account in person at a bank or purchase Amazon gift cards from a shop and then send the codes to Me.

Can I take you out for dinner/drinks/coffee?
I’m afraid I do not offer this, as I like to keep sessions and interactions to private places. You are welcome to join Me at a play space or domestic setting for dinner, coffee and/or drinks for £100 for the first hour and all subsequent hours £75.

Can I be your personal slave?
I am not looking for personal slaves. If I ever do (unlikely!), I will post about it here.

Can I be your boyfriend/lover/husband?
You’re wasting your time.

Can I film/photograph Our/our session?
I do not allow filming nor photos. I prefer to keep the pleasure in the moment. I can, of course, pretend to do this as part of a session or do it and then delete it at the close of the session.