Descended from English aristocracy, Duchess Eloise Parker-Hughes is a highly skilled and extremely experienced lifestyle and professional Dominatrix.

You may greet Me as Duchess, Your Grace or m’Lady – titles befitting My noble heritage.

I first got a taste for Femdom at the tender age of five, when feminising My siblings, dressing them in Mother’s clothes and applying Her make-up to their faces, and then commanding them to play with dollies. Disobedience saw them sent straight to the naughty step. This was the beginning of a life-long interest in the exquisite art of Female domination.

Now, the Duchess of domination is well travelled, with several university degrees, and I expect absolute subservience from My subjects. If I am satisfied with your submission, I alone will decide whether you deserve a treat or further torment. I enjoy teasing My playthings, so expect to be kept enthralled, whether I’m putting you through a rigorous training programme to improve your obedience or using you as a test subject for My latest purchases of e-stim toys. I am not averse to using corporal punishment to ensure My subjects meet My exacting standards.

A classic beauty, you will be mesmerised by My deep blue eyes, high cheek bones, delicate features, sumptuous red lips, long blond hair, perfectly proportioned hour-glass figure and dainty feet. If you are a good boy, I may let you worship My feet or I may decide to use your face as a cushion on which to rest My beautiful derriere, whilst I luxuriate. Maybe I’ll decide that you need to be stretched out and pounded with My largest strap-on. What will this devilish London Mistress do to you next?

Elegant, educated and an Explorer of the erotic, you will be instantly captivated as I take you in hand and guide you through all the sumptuous sensations that BDSM has to offer.