Want to know what a session with the Duchess could be like? Read some of My reviews below to find out:

“After reading the Duchess’ blog and seeing the picture (all stretched out) of Her bare feet I had to make a booking. Waiting for the day of the session to arrive was purgatory. Eventually the day arrived.


I’d expected to be able to get down immediately and start worshipping Her feet and toes. It wasn’t to be as the Duchess had other ideas to prolong the agony for me. I had to prove that I was worthy of this. Eventually the Duchess was satisfied that I had earned the right to worship Her feet.


The Duchess sat down, crossed Her legs, and presented one of Her feet ready for my worship. I carefully removed Her shoe and started worshipping Her toes, sole, arch and ankle – the whole foot. What utter bliss. The Duchess then presented Her other foot and I repeated my worship. Once complete the Duchess stood up.


I laid down and the Duchess placed each foot in turn above my face but just out of reach of my tongue. She teased me with Her soles which I was so desperate to lick. I begged to lick them but this only amused the Duchess. “Maybe next time if you’re a good boy” She said.


I was then instructed to kneel in front of Her and bow down. I was permitted to kiss Her feet for a few minutes prior to leaving. This was heaven.


I’d always felt that I had a foot fetish and after this session I’m in absolutely no doubt about it. I’m certainly going to be a very good boy.”

c – 21st December 2018

“This was my second visit in a short space of time. I wanted to experience more corporal punishment and in particular The Duchess’ crop. I was not to be disappointed.


As I stood naked before the Duchess I felt exposed and vulnerable. I was surprised when the session started with me receiving 12 strokes from Her cane. This turned out to be just a warm-up. This was then followed by 12 strokes from each of a paddle, brush, flogger and tawse. I began to think that I was not going to feel the impact of Her crop. Well how wrong I was.


The Duchess had been saving that for last. I’d already received a total of 60 strokes from the other implements and the Duchess had decided that I would receive that number from Her crop.


Well I did and it hurt as each set of 12 landed on my naked backside but I loved it.


Apparently I’m to be introduced to the delights of bastinado next time. I can’t wait.”

l – 14th December 2018

“I arrived at the dungeon to be greeted by the sight of the Duchess dressed as a nurse. That could give many males a coronary .


I was to be subjected to a series of intrusive medical examinations with me in a medical chair legs spread wide.


The first consisted of the Duchess inserting two fingers into my ass to see how tight I was. Well I was very tight. What followed was a series of ever increasingly bigger dildos being inserted into me so as to stretch me open.


Following this the Duchess was able to insert three fingers into me. Surprisingly I found this very enjoyable. Next time I might ask the Duchess if She would consider fisting me as it’s always been a fantasy of mine.


After the anal came the sounding. I’d never had steel rods inserted into my cock before but I was amazed at the sensations they caused. At one point the Duchess had three sounds down my cock at the same time. I could well have cum from having the ribbed one going in and out but the Duchess stopped short of allowing this.


The final part of the session involved needles. Again I’d never had needles inserted into my cock. After being wiped with Iodine the Duchess proceeded to insert needles into my inner thighs and lower stomach. I then had needles inserted in my scrotum and down each side of my cock. I was transfixed watching these go in. The cock one’s were the most painful but I found the pain to be exhilarating. Their removal hurt almost as much as their insertion.


At the end of the session I was informed by the Duchess that I had passed my medical.”

s – 16th November 2018

“The Duchess instructed me to strip. As I stood in the bedroom naked I could feel myself getting aroused and my heart was pounding. The Duchess noticed this and told me that arousal in Her presence was only permitted with Her permission. I was therefore locked in a steel chastity cage. The Duchess then spent several minutes examining me with Her eyes and occasionally prodding me with Her crop. I was then made to put on hold up stockings, panties and a full length maids outfit.


I was led to the kitchen and given my tasks – do the washing up and clean the cooker. Whilst doing these I was closely watched by the Duchess and given several hits from Her crop when She believed I was slacking. When I had finished I had to stand in the living room whilst She examined my work. The Duchess found 7 faults with my work and told me that I would punished accordingly. I was made to pull up my outfit, take down my panties and bend over a chair.


The Duchess then gave me a lengthy spanking. This caused me to get aroused again and I started to drip pre-cum. This did not go down well. I then received my punishment, the spanking was just a warm up, which consisted of 7 dozen strokes from the Duchess’ crop across my bottom. Despite the pain I was still aroused in so far as the cage would permit. After my punishment I had to kneel and lick my pre-cum off of the floor. The Duchess then instructed me to wait in the bedroom naked.


After a few minutes the Duchess entered wearing a strap on. I was instructed to kneel and to worship then suck on it. Eventually the Duchess was forcing it down my throat. I was then made to lie on the bed and I lost my anal virginity. The feeling of the Duchess thrusting into me was incredible.”

c – 1st November 2018

“I have a massive foot fetish so I decided to book a session with the Duchess. It was far more than i could have anticipated.


I was ordered to strip naked and stand in front of the Duchess with my head bowed. She then took Her favourite CP item, the crop, and delivered 12 blows onto my penis. Whilst my penis was still hurting the Duchess locked me in a steel chastity cage. The Duchess told me that I had to earn the privilege of worshipping Her feet. I was then placed onto the spanking bench. The Duchess asked me how long I wanted to worship Her feet for. I answered 30 minutes. The Duchess then informed me that it would be 12 strokes from Her crop and 12 from Her cane for each 10 minutes of worship. I lay there motionless as the Duchess delivered 36 strokes from Her crop and 36 from Her cane. It hurt but I knew the ‘reward’ that was to come was going to be worth it. The Duchess then sat and I was permitted to kneel before Her. What followed was 30 minutes of pure heaven for me. I did venture too far up the Duchess’ leg on one occasion. This brought a swift verbal warning from the Duchess and a double hit from Her crop. After 30 minutes I was released from the chastity cage and given another 12 blows on my penis with Her crop.


Worshipping Her toes, insteps, feet and calves made the pain well worth it. Next time I’m going to seek permission to worship the Duchess’ feet, shoes and heels no matter the CP price to be paid.”

m – 22nd October 2018